Wabi: can refer to quirks and anomalies arising from the process...

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Wabi: can refer to quirks and anomalies arising from the process of construction which ass uniqueness and elegance to the object.

Sabi: is beauty or serenity that comes with age, when the life of the object and its impermanence are evidences in its patina and wear, or in any visible repairs.

Wabi-sabi: represents a comprehensive Japanese world view or aesthetic centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. 

Artist Kenneth Mannchen will be displaying man/Mannchen-made recreations of his wardrobe of garments, hand-stitched from Japanese rice paper at The Keep store next Thursday 8th November from 6pm.  

Each rice paper garment will be folded into envelopes and handed out into the crowd to be either tried on, worn, or simply hung on a rack to admire the delicacy of craftsmanship. 

The wearing and tearing of the recreations throughout the opening night will be encouraged by the artist in order to assist the display of his personal practice of instant Wabi-sabi. Mannchen will then be spending the days after strengthening the pieces in THE KEEP window X