The Makers Movement

By Lela Jacobs



The Keep presents from the soil- an exhibition of new ceramic works by creative practionerers John- Troy O’Sullivan, Lela Jacobs, Meighan Ellis and Tanja Nola.


These exhibiting artists all come from various professional and creative lineages set apart from the world of traditional clay arts and ceramics- John-Troy O’Sullivan is an architect with a 3D fabrication business, Lela Jacobs is a renown Antipodean fashion designer known for her diverse collaborations with artisans and creatives here in New Zealand and overseas, Meighan Ellis is a lens based artist who works in both photography and video, and merges both a commercial and fine arts practice and Tanja Nola is a fine arts photographer who works with analogue and alternative darkroom photographic processes. The one thing that brings this collection of makers together is their passion and curiosity for the materiality of clay and the processes involved in ‘building’ a ceramic structure.


Jacobs, Ellis and Nola’s works explore and present various renditions and versions of the vessel, while O’Sullivan presents 21st century techniques, new ceramic materials and technologies developed for ceramic engineering and 3D fabrication.


This group of makers are stepping into a contemporary movement that extends beyond their native mediums- in the pursuit of expanding their skills, creativity and ‘making’ strategies via alternative modes of expression, experimentation, invention and exploration whilst nodding to the art and craft fundamentals of ceramic traditions.

Meighan Ellis 




from the soil | ceramic works by John-Troy O’Sullivan, Lela JacobsMeighan Ellis + Tanja Nola.

Exhibition runs from 14th March- 7th April. The Keep, 504 KRD, Auckland.