The aesthetic direction of Lela Jacobs is minimal and understated with an emphasis on strong design, innovation and androgynous appeal without trend victimization. A monochromatic colour palette of predominantly blacks, grays, whites and neutrals accentuates the conceptual silhouettes and strong lines of a Lela Jacob design.

The label values high quality fabrics, locally well-made garments, accessories and unique explorative thinking. The designs intend to be thought provoking, versatile and highly wearable through inquisitive thought, challenging technical patternmaking and experimental silhouettes.

These are executed in luxurious and high-end fabrics valued for their quality, finish and durability throughout the garment lifecycle. This is evident from the selection of exquisitely soft and opulent natural materials such as silks, cottons, leather and merino.

Inspirational Influences include a multitude of cross cultural references and collaborations with local and international artists from a diverse range of mediums. The brand values its relationships with established and emerging creatives, and enjoys nurturing and supporting their talents through recognition, mentoring and advice.

Lela Jacob is more than a fashion label; it is a constantly evolving channel for design, self-expression, explorative thought processes and artistic collaborations. ‘The Keep’ is Lela Jacobs’ Auckland-based open studio and concept store located on Karangahape Road which allows her to keep her practices within different mediums thriving.

The Keep is intended to be the central city base for this creative collective concept. Jacobs’ vision for the space is to open the inner workings of her studio, as well as building on her already established collaborative work.

Supporting the local economy is an integral part of the brands values favouring local New Zealand manufacturers, hand knitters and collaborations with crafters and artists.


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